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Magyar. cliens tis M. alattvaló {más népeknél} {személy} . főnév melléknév. állandó látogató {személy} .

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Feb 10, 2021 The word “client” comes from the Latin word “cliens,” which I often thought meant, “OK, lawyer. You're mine.” Unlike other relationships, a  (latin cliens, -entis). Consulter aussi dans le dictionnaire : client. Personnage ou famille qui, à Rome, se mettait sous la protection d'un patricien (son patron). Latin term or phrase: Just est id quod cliens fecit. It`s from "The Sotweed Factor" written by John Barth. I just don't understand it.

However, 'cliens' was in turn a later Latin form of the older participle 'cluens'  From The Cambridge Latin Course: Unit 3 4th Edition These are from the Stage 31 Vocabulary check list. Verb definitions cliens, clientis, m.

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Swedbank Robur  Cliens Sverige B (SEK) · Kvartil Allokering Offensiv A (SEK) · AS SICAV I Latin Amer Eq S Acc USD (USD) · FIM Kapitalförvaltning 100 (EUR) · Fidelity European  Both derive from Latin: cosuetudinem meaning more a recurrence of habits for customer and cliens for client more related to the idea of follower  Vi har to oversettelser av kund i svensk-latin ordbok med synonymer, definisjoner, eksempler på bruk og uttale. Annonsering.

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Cliens latin

1300), from Latin clientem (nominative cliens) "follower,  Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce cliens in Latin with native pronunciation.

Cliens latin

andra. Cliens. klient. recipere. mottaga.
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Cliens latin

This word is a modification of the,  Declinazione di: cliens = cliens - Sostantivo 3 decl. * masc. sing.

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A dependent; a person who depended on another for defense in suits at law and other difficulties. ? A cliens was often a freed slave or immigrant. Pl. clientes (klI-en-teez). In rete computatrali, cliens est programma qui moderatro postulata (requests) mittit.Programma ab homine actum aut robotum computatrale (bot) esse potest.Tam recte vocatur cliens computatrum e quo postulata mittuntur quam programma quod iussa (instructions) continet de postulatis formulandis et de persona quae postulata agit. A cliens a római társadalom clientalia rendszerének alanya, a „pártfogolt”. A cliens (a cluere = "valakire hallgatni" szóból) olyan hűségi viszonyba lépett (fides) egy hatalmassággal, amelyben ő különböző gazdasági és morális természetű szolgáltatásokra (operae és obsequium) kötelezte.

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[Latin “client”] Roman law. A dependent; a person who depended on another for defense in suits at law and other difficulties.

DERIVATIVES clientship noun ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin cliens,  nothing to do with the word as used by Christians writing in Latin about the Christian virute (St. Paul Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 13).